No. 7 Challenge

The No. 7 Challenge is a unique event aimed at pitting human willpower against the power of steam. Our runners take off at the sound of the train whistle and then together all try to win the race to McLean Mill - 10 kilometers from Port Alberni's Train Station at Harbour Quay. The train will typically take upwards of 40 minutes to do the trek but we have ways of slowing her's a big secret! Still, we can't slow her much so the race is on and those who can really push it will the old timer. A fantastic event that takes 100's of runners through the working Catalyst Paper Mill then along the beautiful Victoria Quay waterfront over to Kitsuksis Dyke and then the run winds up some of the lovely areas in the Regional District before finally getting to McLean Mill. All racers are given free transportation back to the Harbour Quay after enjoying some relax time at McLean Mill where you can enjoy lunch, our gift shop and the working mill. It's a big event, it's very unique and it's a must do for anyone visiting Vancouver Island.

The No. 7 Challenge for 2017 is part of the much bigger event - The Tri-Conic Challenge which happens during Canada Day Weekend 2017.   and the Tri-Conic is found here: