AGM 2021

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Event Date

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 11:30 AM




Time: May 26, 2021 11:30 AM Vancouver

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Topic: AVCOC AGM - 2021

Time: May 26, 2021 11:30 AM Vancouver

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When: May 26, 2021 11:30 AM Vancouver

Topic: AVCOC - Annual General Meeting

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11:30am – Login – Visual Networking

11:40am – Terry Deakin – 2nd Vice President – Call the Meeting to order

11:45am – General Introductions:

            Adoption of Agenda: Motion to Accept: Agenda

                Adoption of Previous Minutes – May 20/20: Motion to Approve

            11:50am  President’s Report: Sarah Jones  N/A – Sick-leave – Terry Deakin to provide general report on behalf of the President.

  • Motion to accept the 2nd VP’s (President’s) Report:

11:55am  CEO’s  Report: Bill Collette. 

  • Motion to accept the CEO’s Report:

12:10pm Auditor’s Report: (Terry Deakin) to introduce representatives of R. Anderson & Associates )

  • Motion to accept the Audit Engagement Report:
  • Motion to appoint Anderson Associates as the Chamber’s 2021 Auditor

12:25pm – SPECIAL GUEST – Her Worship – Mayor Sharie Minions

  • Terry Deakin to welcome Mayor Minions

12:35 pm Recognize outgoing and appointed directors:

  • Thanks to outgoing President – Sarah Jones, Vice President Carol-Anne Phillips, 2nd Vice President Terry Deakin, Secretary Peter Wienold, & Treasurer Dave Heinrichs
  • Thanks to outgoing Directors – Gail Horvath, Michael Moore, Teresa Bird, Daniel Savard, Suzanne Dube, Crystal Knudsen, Lori Kerr & Krista McKitrick

12:40 pm Election of Officers and Executive

  • Nominating Committee report – Michael Moore
  • Election: Peter Wienold to run for the Executive Positions.
    • Deb Haggard to run Election of Directors
  • Call for nominations from the floor in each category.
    • Executive:
      • President – Terry Deakin (INEO Employment)
      • VP – Suzanne Dube (Edward Jones)
      • 2nd VP – Dan Savard (Swept Away Inn)
      • Treasurer – Michael Moore (IT Specialist)
      • Secretary – Krista McKitrick (Belle’s Hair Care)

1 Year Director nominees (8 positions)

The Nomination Committee has identified and supported the following people for open positions on the Board. They include:

  • Mary-Clare Massicotte (MCM Facilitation and Training)
  • Peter Wienold (The Graphics Factory)
  • Teresa Bird (Publisher – AV News)
  • Murray Lawlor (Retired – former owner Coombs Country Candy)
  • Crystal Knudsen (Branch Manager – Scotiabank)
  • Lori Kerr (Coastal Community Credit Union)
  • Dave Heinrichs (Alberni District Co-op)
  • Carol-Anne Phillips (Steampunk Café)


  • Where election is necessary allow each candidate up to 2 minutes for self-introduction.
  • Conduct elections by raised hand (Zoom option) where required.
  • Announce results.
  • Swearing in ceremony conducted by Councilor Deb Haggard.
    • Motion to destroy all ballots.
  • Introduce in-coming Board of Directors


Dates to remember:

Thursday, June 24th @ 7:00am – Board Meeting – AVCOC or via ZOOM at 7:30am