Why Join the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce

Joining the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your business and its standing within the community. Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a member:

Advocacy and Influence

  • Voice of Business: The AVCoC is a strong advocate for the business community, representing your interests at all levels of government. With a larger membership, our collective voice becomes louder and more influential, driving positive changes that benefit local businesses​​​​.
  • Policy Influence: Through consistent advocacy efforts locally, our Vancouver Island regional partners and the BC Chamber and Canadian Chamber, we address issues that directly impact businesses, such as economic development, public policy, and regulatory changes. This helps create a more favorable business environment​​.

Networking and Connections

  • Networking Opportunities: The Chamber hosts monthly Chamber Breakfasts, Luncheons, events, and workshops that provide excellent networking opportunities. These gatherings allow you to connect with other business owners, share ideas, and form valuable partnerships​​​​.
  • Exposure and Promotion: Members can showcase their businesses through various Chamber events and newsletters, reaching a broader audience. Our newsletters have high engagement rates, ensuring your business gains visibility within the community​​.

Business Resources and Support

  • Member Benefit Programs: Access to exclusive programs such as the Chambers Group Insurance Plan, which offers reduced rates on insurance and other services. This program is available through our local broker, AV Financial​​.
  • Educational Programs: The Chamber provides educational events, workshops, and speaker series designed to support business growth and address common challenges like staff shortages, business continuity, and inclusivity​​.

Community Involvement and Support

  • Event Hosting and Participation: The Chamber supports various community events, attracting visitors and potential customers to the area. This includes major events like the McLean Mill 10K, which bring significant economic benefits to local businesses​​.
  • Community Leadership: By joining the Chamber, you become part of a collective effort to foster economic and community vitality. The Chamber collaborates with local government and other organizations to drive initiatives that benefit the entire community​​.

Practical Support

  • Visitor Centre Promotion: Members can display brochures and business cards at the Visitor Centre, which handles over 40,000 inquiries annually. This exposure can attract new customers and investors to your business​​.
  • Online Listings and Spotlight: The Chamber's website features an online business directory with clickable links to member websites, providing additional online visibility and driving traffic to your business​​.

By joining the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce, you gain access to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities designed to help your business thrive. Your membership is an investment in the collective strength and prosperity of our business community. Join us and be part of a dynamic network committed to making the Alberni Valley a better place to live, work, and do business.